VFD Control Crane Panel

VFD Control Crane Panel

VFD Control Crane Panel is an automated Power control allows a variable frequency drive to start and stop machine operations smoothly. Sudden motion is overly hard on equipment and leads to increased maintenance costs and premature failure. A smooth start prevents shocking a machine, while fluid reduces wear on breaks, belts, bearings, and gears. With our superior crane control panels, you pick the motor’s operating speed at any point within the equipment’s parameters. Your employees will no longer be forced to work at a machine’s pace and productivity will increase due to reduced injuries, errors and wasted time.

VFD Operated Crane Panel


The panel box is made from mild steel plate &  made from 14 gauge CRCA plate. . The Crane Electrical Control Panel is powered by a 18KW / 25 HP & 7.5KW/10HP, 110 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase. The overall dimensions of the panel are 300 mm Depth X 500mm Width X 1000Height.The panel body is powder coated in Siemens Grey colour. The colour grade is 7032. The panel is designed with protection gears for proper and safe operation of the equipment.

The control supply is 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase. Variable-speed drive are provided to operate the motor of the equipment, The VFD is rested on a panel wall and is provided with safety guards. Variable Frequency Drive provided as under:
Main Hoist -10hp Yasakawa Make
LT-3hp Yasakawa Make
CT-2hp Yasakawa Make

Other Panels supplied are

Also we have successfully carried out the installation of a drive for a crane for a reputed construction company at their project site at a height of 300 meters above sea level. Happy to be a part of the tallest residential project in the country.

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