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Annunciator Flameproof Panel

This Flameproof Panel consists of Alarm Annunciators, Multiple back-lit windows are provided, each engraved with the name of a process alarm.

The light in a window will flash and a bell or horn will sound to attract the operator's attention when the alarm condition is detected.

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VFD Operated Control Panel

VFD Control Panel is an automated Power control allows a variable frequency drive to start and stop machine operations smoothly

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MCC Panel

A MCC Panel (motor control center) is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units

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HVAC Systems

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment  control panels used  to regulate the operation of a heating and/or air conditioning system. 

Water Treatment Plants

Manufacturer of Electrical Control Panel - Water Treatment Control Panel, Effluent Treatment Plant Control Panel, Sewage Treatment Control Panel.

Commercial Construction

Kveetech has successfully supplied and installed PLC based control panels and VFD operated control panels to major commercial construction companies.

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Machinery

Have successfully supplied panels to Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Food,Beverages & allied industries

Process Plant Equipments

Control Panels supplied to process plant equipment industries like Dairy Processing, Confectionery, General Food Processing, Drinks & Beverages, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Breweries & Distilleries, mixing equipments  to name a few

Packaging & Matarial Handling Industry

Kveetech has  successfully supplied and installed electrical control panels (PLC & Scada) to packaging industries

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